Prologue: Lets Get Intimate

Now perhaps it’s just me but whenever I am asked to introduce myself or tell someone a little about myself, the immediate thought in my head is more or less “Who in the hell am I!?”

So seeing as I am not at all proficient in this area, let’s go back to basics shall we.


My name is Hrisoula Papadatos, but everyone calls me Chrissy (the English translation for your convenience), I’m Greek and speak the language fluently (sarcasm being my third language). I have survived 20 years thus far, am vertically challenged at 159cm and am attending my first year at UOW, studying a double degree in communications and media and commerce.

I have far too many ambitions and far too many hobbies, I’m loud, enjoy annoying people on a daily basis, over think things way too much, am in love with far too many fictional characters for it to be healthy and spend far too much time debating the zombie apocalypse and survival tactics (pretty sure I’m set by this point).

I indulge in far too many arrays of styles and interests to be categorized into any one specific clique, thus creating a clash of personalities all of which in the end are directionally challenged, stubborn and unreasonably competitive.

In my spare time when I’m not working or at UNI, my self-proclaimed friends are kidnapping me, I’m playing the Xbox or PlayStation, reading, or re-watching and catching up on TV shows (28 days till game of thrones…but who’s counting). Any and all spaces in between I am living on the Internet.

Bonus round!

(For all those, who have endured thus far, if your attention span has given up and in the favor YouTube, I understand and sympathize, truly I do).

Although I may at times dress like, well…a girl and enjoy shopping, wearing dresses and heals and in rare occasions even indulge in gossip, I cannot stand romantic movies/ shows/ books you name it, if its romance and has a tendency to flip tables over its unnecessarily dramatic plot I refuse to go near it. That’s right I’m one of those people, don’t get me wrong people have tried but my brain understands me, it senses danger and slyly lulls me to sleep as the plot continues its rampage, spiraling out of control as it gradually lowers the IQ of the entire street. Now I’m not starting anything, if you like it that’s cool, I’m not the boss of you, I’m just more of an action/ horror/ suspense/ sci-fi type of girl, you know Marvel, Batman, The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, L.O.T.R, Harry Potter, Doctor who…yeah I’m one of those geeks.

So as this introduction comes to a close now that I have successfully assisted my own self proclamation of the awkward, loud, sarcastic contradiction that is I, I bid you good day until the next chapter and thank you all for reading on as I have just realized that I spent the better part of this post rambling on as my brain went into overdrive grabbing as many things as possible in order to efficiently cover the inability I posses to introduce ones self.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance

Yours sincerely,

Your friendly neighborhood high functioning sociopath.


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