global film industries

When thinking of the film industry most think of Hollywood the home of the stars with their flashing lights and dramatic flair but it is not the worlds leading film industry.

As globalisation continues to push on the Asian film market has been rapidly increasing and may surprise some to know that Bollywood India is now the largest film industry in the world surpassing Americas Hollywood, and produces over a thousand films every year.

This growth of Bollywood and other Asian film industries has caused a shift in culture and has begun to cause influence between western and eastern cultures for example pride and prejudice was influenced by Bollywood and action and horror movies produced by Hollywood have begun to adopt Japanese movie culture into their films and this is clearly a product of globalisation.

Along with Bollywood, Nigeria’s Nollywood is the worlds third largest film industry. Although unlike Hollywood and Bollywood, Nollywood is made with much smaller budgets and promote their nation and culture to the world and thus capturing the global audience.

As globalisation continues to promote and create easier ways to access foreign media and trade more and more global film industries will spread and rise above industries such as Hollywood.


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