Going global

As a result of globalization known as “an international community influenced by technological development and economical, political and military interests.” (O’Shaughnessy, M & Stadler, J, 2012) we have broken down cultural, trade, communication and technological barriers between countries. This break down of barriers has allowed nations to develop and strengthen their political bond and create opportunities for the trade of ideas and resources. Not only this but globalisation has also allowed us to be exposed to numerous different values, norms and customs which have over the years become integrated with our own.

Watching foreign films, listening to foreign music, eating foreign food and engaging with foreign cultures in the public due to globalisation funnily enough isn’t so foreign to us anymore. Although this has in a sense advanced our nation and cultural understanding, global media ownership has promoted cultural imperialism as one nation promotes their culture globally as they occupy foreign nations and with ‘lesser desirable culture’. An example of this would be the Americanization of Australia’s culture not only in media but also the way we dress and act. This unfortunately has some negative drawbacks such as the loss of culture and tradition, and a loss of sense and belonging.

Globalisation means different things to different people whether it be the sharing of culture, trade, technology or the integration of technologies and although may have some negative side effects I for one am grateful that I am capable to interact with cultures that would otherwise be out of my reach.


O’Shaughnessy, M & Stadler, J 2008, Media and Society, Oxford University Press, US.


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