new media capitols

“Media capitals, then, are sites of mediation, locations where complex forces and flows interact…they are places where things come together and, consequently, where the generation and circulation of new mass culture forms become possible” (Curtin, 2003).

New media capitals are places where the creation of new mass culture is possible due to globalisation providing and easy path in which to interact and exchange. With this emergence of new media there has been a vast growth in competition amongst these capitols as they broaden their reach and increase their audience. Not only this but just as Asian capitols has been having a growing impact on our media the western world has also had great influence on other media capitals such as japan and Hong Kong.

Because of this they have begun to drift from the normal culture displayed in their media and as such has reflected upon their society and created shift and change amongst cultural aspects such as traditions and norms especially among the younger generation.

In an attempt to stay on top western capitols continue to try to overpower new emerging media capitols so that they may continue to be significant.



Curtin, M 2003, ‘Media Capital : Towards the Study of Spatial Flows’, International Journal of Cultural Studies, vol. 6, pp. 202–228.


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