change is coming

Climate change a major issue that no doubt will have a large impact on our lives and the lives of future generations is the subject of heated and ongoing debate for example Tony Abbot has continued to reject the thought that climate change is an issue or that its even happening, this views often strongly combated by opposing parties during campaigns.

Saying this all we know of climate change is what the media has told us (unless of course you are apart of the various teams researching its effects) and so apart from noting change in the weather and minimal things as such we cannot grasp its complexity, and so without the information provided to us we can do little to have a proper argument for or against it.

When reporting on things such as global warming journalists require to do so with relevant scientific facts and information to support it although many go the opposite and report against it claiming the ‘issue’ to be false or at times are forced to go against what they believe is true or ethically right in order to give the audience what they want in order to compete with other stories and journalists one such being the blogosphere. The blogosphere has opened a separate domain where anyone can blog about and report information/ fact or opinions open to the public which is becoming an increasingly popular source of information especially for those looking for sources that back up their own ideas.

Global warming and climate change is an issue that threatens not only our future but also the future of generation to come and requires us to think about it globally and act cooperatively as a unit in order to do anything that may change it.

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