who counts in global news? – media ownership

The media in today’s society has become a business where organisations are more concentrated on making a profit than reporting the truth. Although we have access to countless sources through the use of Internet it doesn’t mean we always go looking for the truth and for those who don’t look for it often don’t question what is shown to them through the news.

The concentrated ownership of media has resulted in getting the same side of the story from many different sources often showing stories or news relevant to the success of those controlling the media such as Rupert Murdoch. This is especially worrying as the global media industry has immense power in terms of what new is covered outside of Australia and what is shown to us resulting in the ease to manipulate or leave out vital information and truths that could shape out views and ideas as the public opinion, as well as this the media often relies on showing the spectacle to create a buzz and hype in order to gain more views.

Because of this as the public we must be extremely cautious about what we choose to believe and should work to finding the truth of what makes these claims valid questioning the variety of views shown, any cultural bias we may have, backgrounds of interviewees and those showing the news and many other contributing factors that may effect the story shown to us.


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