Developing a project: Movie Piracy

So many possible topics, so little time.

While I sat trying to decide on a research project idea, I found myself scrolling through JB-HI-FI’s extensive list of movies wondering why on earth Thor costs $44.98. As a university student by nature I am tight on money and can not exactly throw my money at media stores in order to add the missing pieces to my Marvel movies, in this moment it was blatantly obvious and unsurprising as to why so many people illegally download movies in the home and thus my research project came to be.

We all know that pirating movies is illegal but everyone does it anyway, this raised multiple questions such as;

  • Why do we do it?
  • How often do people do it?
  • What makes people change their behaviour and stop doing it?
  • Do they feel guilty?
  • Do they feel like they are breaking the law at all?

I find it interesting that this has become such a norm in todays society and while not accepted by the law is accepted by everyone else. Im curious to find how people interact with their movies content and why they do or do not download as well as what would change their minds about downloading.


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