I can already tell I’m going to be spending way to much time making memes from here on out

“The Medium is the Message”

-Marshall McLuhan

The continuous advancement and emergence of new technology has allowed us multiple mediums in which we are able to spread a message, this allows us the the ability to choose a platform that best suits the message. One is YouTube, a platform where the consumer is a potential creator. What makes YouTube so influential is not the content the channel poses but its capacity to deliver content to the viewer.  Not only are we able to find specifically what we want to view but we also have the capability of pausing, rewinding skipping or completely switching to a new video if the message we are given is not of any use, this provides us with the opportunity to further understand the message as well as interact with the message itself through commenting.


The form in which the message is delivered is more important than the content itself, it reshapes the nature of the message and the way it is understood. YouTube in some ways is more effective in delivering messages than TV, it allows the user to actively search out information rather than passively consuming messages. As technology progressed we were given the ability to have dozens of mediums at hand through a single device, the iPhone. The app features allow us to view almost anything we wish in whatever form available giving us the option for updates on topics or from people of interest (such as twitter accounts you may follow).


I’ve admittedly been paying closer attention to the medium in which messages are delivered and have found myself astounded at the ability platforms have in communicating complex messages and evoking reactions. I’ve even caught myself being drawn in by a message not because of WHAT is being said…but HOW its being said, so I leave you with this, when you are watching a movie (lets say its your favourite) if the actor(s)/actress(es) who played the main characters or the directors where changes do you still think you would react the same way? Would the message be as strong or believable??


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  1. michaelmckayblog says:

    Hey Chrissy, great post. I found it interesting how you mention we are living in an age where we have a vast choice of what platforms we wish to use, and I guess whatever app we choose will ultimately affect the way other people perceive our message. I agree with Youtube being a better way to share information with someone than television, and how you mention it’s less passive. Surely the ability to pause, rewind, forward, and select new videos at a rapid speed is changing the way we communicate with people every day and it will be interesting to see the effects this has on the communication world in years to come. I guess the same goes for other social media platforms like Snapchat, where your interaction with the medium can actually be your message (take selfies for example). Keep up the great work!

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