The Creation of Youtube


Most people would not consider Youtube as a craft, but there is an undeniable talent in those who excel in making it large amongst the Youtube community!

There is more to becoming a Youtuber than just creating a channel, picking your niche and rolling with it. Becoming a Youtuber (especially if your looking to make it your career) requires commitment, patience and work. Each of those who are the top most subscribed Youtuber’s in the world have this title for a reason. They have perfected their brand and their work and continue to make improvements throughout the years.

There are a number of different Youtube types including

  • beauty
  • lifestyle
  • tutorials
  • gamers
  • comedy
  • new

to name a few.

Although there are many people starting youtube channels everyday, it is difficult to make a noticeable global impact and while some may be excited to hit 200 subscribers when comparing it to other Youtuber’s such as PewDiePie (real name Felix Kjellberg) a 26 year old gamer who has 44,126,277 subscribers and is the highest paid youtuber ($12 million p.a) it is fair to say you have a long way to go and much to learn.



At the end of every year Youtube itself celebrates the creativity, popular fads and it’s most celebrated and subscribed Youtuber’s through a production called ‘Youtube Rewind’ put together by Youtube and it’s Youtuber’s. This bring bring a number of creative personalities to develop a video reliving the most memorable moments of Youtube history.



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