Citizen Journalism


This week in the lecture we focused on Citizen Journalism and how almost anyone is able to report news through various media platforms. Citizen journalism is continuing to change the way the media, journalism and the world works. It is allowing for everyday citizen voice and opinion to be heard.

As advances have been made in telecommunication in regards to smart phones, it has enabled the general public to report news at a rapid pace, even more so than most professional journalists and news teams.  This itself poses the question of what the future of news and journalism will look like.
Being a citizen journalist does not mean simply witnessing an event and mentioning it in passing to a friend. One must actively publish the information online, on a platform where the masses can reach and engage with it.

This form of journalism provides with an outsider’s view to a story that may otherwise be taken out of context depending on the agendas of mass corporation. When reading professionally published articles we are often wary of where they have gathered the information from. We demand sources, pictures and research.

Although at the same time citizen journalism is not without bias, and we must be wary that though posts reporting accidents or emergencies (fires and storm conditions) are for the most part reliable, readers should be warier of reports on events that require more knowledge, professionalism and credibility (i.e. political events) than the ‘reporter’ has.


One thought on “Citizen Journalism

  1. Vlasios Michalopulos says:

    Great meme, I wish there dogs were journalists; that would be so great, I love dogs sooo much. On a more serious note, I really enjoyed your remediation and feel as though your discussion of the technological advances that have lead us to an age where anyone can be a journalist is way on point.

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