Now perhaps it’s just me but whenever I am asked to introduce myself or tell someone a little about myself, the immediate thought in my head is more or less “Who in the hell am I!?”

So seeing as I am not at all proficient in this area, lets go back to basics shall we.


My name is Chrissy, I am 22 years old, vertically challenged at 159cm and am studying a degree in communications marketing and advertising. As a communications student i am avidly involved in the media space and usually find myself subconsciously checking for updates on my phone.

Aside from checking my feed for updates and basically virtually stalking the world, technology advancement’s are in a way important to me. Now when i say this I don’t mean the “OMG, I cant live without the latest Iphone!” kinda way, but in the way which it enables us a point of contact. I mostly interact with social media as a means of communication especially with family who live across the globe. Surprisingly enough Facebook has become a first point of contact even with friends who mostly send messages through Facebook rather than text.

As much as people say that media such as Facebook and twitter are taking over peoples lives, for me its youtube. I’ve just come to accept I have a problem and am subscribed to far too many people. I don’t open my Facebook in the morning to check for messages or notifications I open youtube to check for new videos posted instead. in other words if there was some kind of ‘youtubeaholic’ category I would definitely be a part of it. sorry not sorry 🙂

Pleasure to make your acquaintance


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